2018 Opening Day

We are pleased to announce opening day for the spring 2018 season will be Saturday April 7th at historic Alpenrose Stadium. While a number of our older division teams may have games leading up to this date, our League will kick off the season in celebration style.

All players will need to arrive at 830am in full uniform. Teams will find their set up location behind the large scoreboard at Alpenrose. Coaches and players will start behind the outfield wall, all parents should find a seat in the large stands on the main field at the stadium. At approximately 9am we will start a parade of teams.

Following the parade of teams we will have the presentation of the flag and national anthem. We will also celebrate our championship teams from last season and kick the 2018 season off in style.

Games will start shortly after this celebration at 10:15am. If you do not play right away please stick around and help celebrate opening day.

Concessions will be offered including breakfast and lunch options. We are in need of volunteers to help run the concession stands. Proceeds from the concessions benefit the league if we staff it! If you can help for an hour or two in the concessions please let us know.

ALL parents and coaches need to review the Alprenrose Rules. Share with family and firends.



Opening Day Game Schedule

April 7 Time Main Field East Field East Field
7:30 Field Prep Field Prep
Teams Gather in area behind scoreboard, parents to stands
9:00 Parade
Evernts* To follow parade
Main Field East Field
10:15 Minors - Meyers Minors - Nix Full Game 10:15 TeeBall - Riddle TeeBall - Burton 2 Inn
11:15 11:15 TeeBall - Neal TeeBall - Lang 2 Inn
12:15 TeeBall - Bower TeeBall - Braun 2 Inn 12:15 TeeBall - Lopez TeeBall - Shephard 2 Inn
1:15 TeeBall - Petty TeeBall - Byron 2 Inn 1:15 TeeBall - Anderson TeeBall - Deane 2 Inn
2:15 Coast - Rivas Coast-VanVolkinburg 2 Inn 2:15 Coast - Snyder Coast - Wilson 2 Inn
3:15 Coast-VanVolkinburg Coast - Johnson 2 Inn 3:15 Farm - McKenzie Farm - Bone 2 Inn
4:15 Farm - Mixon Farm - Morton 2 Inn 4:15 Farm - Bone Farm - Smith 2 Inn
5:15 Farm - Morton Farm - McKenzie 2 Inn
5:30 5:30 Minors - Mestas Cedar Mill - Astros Full Game
6:15 Farm - Smith Farm - Mixon 2 Inn
7:30 Majors - Sarver Majors - Peterson Full Game End
9:30 End
10:00 Light Out