The following resources are available to coaches for downloading:

Concussions: For information about Concussions, click on the Concussion Handout. Please remember to file an incident report on every event where you suspect a concussion occurred.

Accidents and Injuries: When an accident which results in an injury occurs, please complete the Incident Report. You can download one by clicking: Incident Report

Fields: For a complete list of the fields that the league is permitted to use throughout the Spring Season, click on the: 2016 BALL THPRD Field Use Permit Please remember to only use the fields that the league has permitted and to leave the field in better shape then when you arrived. In addition to the THPRD fields, the league is also lucky to play at the nationall known Alpenrose Dairy. Pleaser remind your families that the consumption of gum and sunflower seeds is prohibited at this facility.

Division Rules

2017 BALL Single A Division Rules

2017 BALL Double A Division Rules

2017 BALL Triple A Division Rules

2017 BALL Major Division Rules

Interlock Specific Rules AAA and Majors

2016 Interleague Intermediate and Junior Division Rules