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This include THPRD field permits & Division Rules

BALL requires that all Board Members, Managers, Coaches, and any person helping on the field, pass a background check prior to working with children. There will be at least one person at the field that has met this requirement.

Every effort is made to ensure that coaches are trained, qualified and approved for working with kids at this level

 Information about Concussions

As a Manager or Coach, you are mandated by Oregon Law to familiarize yourself about concussions.  To accomplish this, please complete the heads Up Concussion Training provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by clicking here.

In addition to the CDC training, BALL has implemented the following procedures if the risk of a concussion occurs:

  • If a player experiences a blow to the head by a ball, bat, other person, or any other manner, the player must be attended to immediately even if that means that the game or practice must be paused.
  • An evaluation must be performed and if there are any symptoms of a concussion, the player shall be taken out of the practice or, if during a game, the game for at least one inning. A parent has the ability to join you and the player in the dugout or to have their player join them in the stands so that they can aid in evaluating the severity of the situation. If you and the parent agree, the player can re-enter the game. If either of you believe that the player likely has some level of a concussion, the player is not to return to the game. If the injury appears severe, medical attention should be sought immediately by calling 911 or by having the parent/guardian transport the player to a medical professional. You are not, at any time or any under circumstances, to transport a player to a medical professional. If the player seeks medical attention, they must provide a doctor’s note stating that they are cleared to play before they can play with their team in any capacity. Please provide the parent with the Head’s Up Concussion Information form found in your first aid kit. Also be sure to complete an Incident Report and file it with Korey Kather, our Safety Officer.

It Takes All of Us

The prevention, identification and treatment of concussions is everyone’s duty: the league’s, yours and your parents, and players. Together, we can insure that we have a safe environment where our players are protected from serious injury.

For more information on concussions,. Click on this link: Concussion HandoutIf you have any questions about this procedure, please contact BALL’s Safety Officer, Korey Kather.

Coach Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Rainout Line
    The THPRD rainout line is (503) 629-6395. Rainout Information by field updated at approximately 3:30pm weekdays and as soon as the information becomes available on Saturdays. The status of a field during Saturday can chenge so continue to check back as time approaches your game start time.

    Rain Out decisions for Monday on Alpenrose are made about 3 pm and will be posted on the front page of our website. The decision to play on the weekends is the decision of the Managers of the teams involved. Please be very respectful of the field and do your best not to damage the field should you choose to play on a questionable field condition.

    Please note that games held at non-THPRD controlled locations (Alpenrose, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Lake Oswego) are not covered by this rainout line. Consult the home league for latest rainout information.