Fall Ball Overview

Fall Ball is a developmental program designed to give players the opportunity to play more baseball and prepare for the level of play in the division they plan to play the following spring. Knowing that other sports such as football and soccer are played by our players in the fall, Fall Ball has a more relaxed approach and understands that some practices and/or games may be missed. Beaverton Aloha Little League teams play other Districts 4 and District 1 teams at their skill level. No standings are kept and there are no tournaments at the end of the season.

Cost: $80

Registration CLOSE: August 5th

Levels of Play:

7-8: Those planning to play FARM in spring 2019 (50% player pitch, 50% coach pitch)

9-10: Those planning to play MINORS in spring 2019 (All player pitch, stealing, bunting, ect…)

11-12: Those planning to play MAJORS in spring 2019

There will be no fall ball league for players under baseball age 7. BALL is evaluating workout options for our younger players.

Fall Season: September 7th - October 28th

Games: 2 games per week, played Friday, Saturday or Sunday each week

Practice: 1-2 per week

Fall Notes

  • Games will be played with teams from District 4 and District 1 Little Leagues.
  • Expect that games will be played at locations around the metro area.
  • Players will be provided a BALL Shirt and hat.
  • Pants, Socks, Belts are not included in the fall and will be the responsibility of each player.
  • Players who participate in other fall sports/activities are welcome and encouraged to play fall baseball.
  • Coaches are expected to support and accommodate players who participate in other fall activities.
  • There is an understanding that players will miss games and practices due to other commitments.